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Registration Deadline is:
July 1, 2015


CYSA-S Sanctioned
Class 1 Tournament


Welcome to the 20th Annual Wolfpack Invitational Tournament!

Wolfpack Invitational Tournament!

The mark of a truly great tournament is its longevity.  The Wolfpack Soccer Club has definitely established its reputation as a leader in the Southern California area as the host of one of the finest soccer tournaments in the State. Last year our Tournament was a huge success.  Please contact any team that played in the Tournament and asked their opinon.  We will stand by their evaluation.

We are proud to announce that The 20th Annual Wolfpack Invitational is scheduled for July 11th and 12th, 2015.  We will be using fields located throughout South Orange County, which may include, but not be limited to: The Orange County Great Park, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Fountain Valley, Laguna Niguel and other fields located nearby with the Tournament Headquarters being located at The University of California, Irvine (UCI).

REALITY CHECK:  Our Tournament is the absolute best tournament in the summer, not only for the amount of dollars charged, but for the quality and bracketing of our competition, our organizational skills and our effort to insure that every courtesy possible is extended to our participating teams.  It should be noted that we also use the same fields and the same referees as all the other tournaments that charge as much as $650 per team all the way up to $795 a team.  And, we have “equal to” or “better than” awards for our Champions and Finalists.  More importantly, we Flight our teams according to their actual competitive level. Every team has a competitive chance to win its Flight in our tournament.  And our fee is only:


$495.00 for U-08 & U-09.

$575.00 for U-10 (playing 11 v 11) thru U-19.

The Wolfpack Invitational will be using the 2014/15 age brackets. It is the teams responsibility to insure they apply in the proper age bracket.  


Saturday, July 11, 2015, Check-In is 30 to 45 minutes before your first game at the Wolfpack Tournament Tent located on the field of your first game. The Team Manager will be asked to sign a Roster Verification and Liability Waiver Form when the team Checks-In.


Tournament Dates:    July 11 & 12, 2015.


Application Deadline:    July 1, 2015.


Classification:     CYSA-S Sanctioned Class 1 Tournament.


Eligibility:     Teams must be affiliated with USYSA and players must have their 2014/15 or 2015/16 laminated USYSA player passes / cards or any equivalent national association,and their 2014/15 or 2015/16 registration forms.


Unlimited loan players will be permitted with a maximum of eighteen (18) players on the roster for teams playing 11 v 11 (14 players for U08 – U09). However, teams U16 thru U19 may have a roster of twenty two (22) players but only eighteen (18) players may appear on the game roster at any given game.  The remaining four (4) players who are not playing in a given game must be crossed off the roster.

All teams outside of CYSA-South will need travel papers.   Loan players must be from the same organization as the team.  In other words, a CYSA team cannot have AYSO loan players.  The entire team, including loan players, must have all the same ID card issued from the same state or organization.  AYSO teams must review AYSO Forms on the ROSTERsection of this website.


2014-15 Age Groups Boys and Girls
U-19 born on or after 8/1/95 U-13 born on or after 8/1/01
U-17 born on or after 8/1/97 U-12 born on or after 8/1/02
U-16 born on or after 8/1/98 U-11 born on or after 8/1/03
U-15 born on or after 8/1/99 U-10 born on or after 8/1/04
U-14 born on or after 8/1/00 U-09 born on or after 8/1/05
  U-08 born on or after 8/1/06


Age Grouping: The 2015 Wolfpack Invitational will use the 2014-15 age bracketingIt is the teams’ responsibility to insure they apply in the proper age bracket.


In any age group where there are two Flights, the Tournament Committee alone will determine into which Flight teams will be placed. If you have a preference for a particular Flight, please email the Tournament Director and make a note of your request in the application.


Any coach who has two (2) or more teams must note on all of his/her applications all teams that he/she is coaching.  We will insure that there are no coaching conflicts with two (2) of his/her teams (except for finals).  More than two (2) teams will be a stretch but we will do our best to accommodate the coach but there are no guarantees.


NUMBER OF GAMES TO BE PLAYED:  Each team will be scheduled a minimum of three (3) games.


If you wish to APPLY FOR PARTICIPATION in the Wolfpack Invitational 2015 Tournament, please follow the on-line registration instructions. The filing and payment of an Application and its fee does not guaranty acceptance. However, to assist in travel arrangements, teams outside CYSA South (Cal South) and/or out of state will receive automatic acceptance into the tournament.


Your application must be received by the Tournament Committee on or before July 1, 2015. Teams outside CYSA South (Cal South) and/or out of state will receive automatic acceptance into the tournament.


Brackets will be posted by July 6,  2015

Schedules will be posted by July 8, 2015.


Please, come join us for the great weather and a great weekend of some wonderful soccer!

Tournament Dates:

July 11 - 12, 2015

Application Deadline:

July 1, 2015


CYSA-S Sanctioned Class 1 Tournament


$495.00 U-08 & U-09

$575.00 U-10 playing 11 v 11 - U-19